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About this procedure

An abdominal panniculectomy is an operation designed to remove an overhanging “apron flap” of skin and fat in obese patients.  It is not considered to be a cosmetic operation but is useful in improving a patient’s functional capacity.

It is difficult for the surgeon to perform a successful cosmetic abdominoplasty on an overweight patient with a large hanging panniculus.  The parasitic appendage restricts physical movement, and cries out for caloric and cardiac sustenance, making weight loss difficult.   However, by removing the panniculus surgically, the patient can enjoy the restoration of physical freedoms, which can facilitate weight loss.  We have removed as much as 20 pounds of useless skin and fat, to the great relief of the patients involved.  By removing the panniculus surgically—called a panniculectomy—the patient can enjoy the restoration of physical freedoms, which can facilitate weight loss.

In order to undergo a cosmetic abdominoplasty, the patient must lose the weight inside the abdomen, in the bowel mesentery, and the omentum.  A surgical panniculectomy, prior to weight loss, can offer a great starting point for major personal physical improvements.

When a patient has gained so much abdominal weight, they can develop an overhanging apron-flap of fat and skin, which then hangs over the pubis and may extend downward over the front of the thighs.  This structure uniformly serves as a detriment to the patient, not only in their physical activities but it also imposes an extra load on the heart, which has to pump blood through this massive capillary bed.

Fortunately, this structure, called an abdominal panniculus, can be successfully removed by plastic surgery.  Removal of the panniculus takes a burden off the patient’s heart and allows the patient to engage in more physical activities than was previously possible.  It can also help to jump-start their weight-loss program.  Although it does not provide a cosmetically beautiful abdomen, once the necessary amount of weight loss has been achieved, it can be be converted into a cosmetic abdominoplasty with a new navel in just the right position.  The panniculectomy offers afflicted patients an immense degree of relief.


Panniculectomy/Abdominoplasty Before and After


Before and after pictures of a Panniculectomy



Panniculectomy before and after pictures



Panniculectomy photos before and after

If you have an overhanging abdominal panniculus and would like to have it removed, call the office and schedule an appointment for your initial consultation.  (801) 268-8838.