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When a patient develops excess skin and fat in the upper inner thighs, it can be a bothersome situation.  The large fat deposits result in the inner thighs rubbing together and patients do not like to be seen in swimsuits.

What can be done about excess medial thigh fat and skin?  It depends on the severity of the problem and the age of the patient.  Once the patient has done weight loss, if the problem is persistent, liposuction may help in the younger patient.  If the problem is pronounced, it may require a medial thigh lift.

The operation, in its simple form, consists of the excision of a crescent-shaped segment of full-thickness skin and fat, undermining over the inner muscle fascia.  The skin is advanced and secured to the region of natural folds.  In front, this is the leg crease and in back, the posterior buttock crease.

If the leg requires circumferential tightening, then a central segment of the inner thigh must also be excised.  All sutures are beneath the skin to avoid cross-hatching and make the scars as least visible as possible.

If you have a problem with the appearance of your inner thighs, be sure to call our office and schedule a consultation.

(Before and after pictures coming soon.)