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About this procedure

For those who have tried non-surgical methods of hair restoration, such as pills and topical medications, with little or no success, hair transplant surgery can be highly gratifying and successful.

Progressive hair loss is typically thought of as a male issue. While males are more commonly affected than females, hair loss is a situation that affects both sexes. Hair restoration surgery can successfully improve a person’s hair loss regardless of sex.

Hair restoration surgery must be done in stages in order to transplant enough hair to increase the volume sufficiently in the locations where hair loss has occurred. Hair transplant surgery takes advantage of the fact that hair follicles taken from areas of full hair growth will generally survive well in areas of pattern baldness.

In the past, large plugs of healthy hair follicles were used. This procedure would result in rows of hair that resembled doll’s hair. Current techniques utilize micro transplants of one to three follicles per graft. A high number of grafts are generally transplanted in each procedural stage.

During the surgery, hair is taken from the back of the head, where the hair is generally thicker, and transplanted to the areas of hair loss. Hair can also be transplanted from the hair-bearing areas behind the ears.

At Fairbanks Plastic Surgery Center, your hair restoration surgeon will pay close attention to hairline contour, direction of hair follicles, and the density of hairs. Using one, two, or three hair follicle micro-grafts, we are able to attain the most natural looking results. Scars are small and difficult to see, and are covered by surrounding hair. The operation is performed in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia with sedation.

Hair re-growth from transplants takes time, but the results will be worth the wait.

Hair Restoration Surgery


Before and after pictures of hair transplant surgery


Hair Transplants Following Hair Loss From Bad Facelift

Hair loss from bad facelift


Hair Transplant Surgery After Burn Injury

Hair Restoration Surgery


If you have undergone hair transplantation elsewhere, and achieved unsatisfactory results, be sure to call us and come in for a consultation/evaluation.  We may be able to help you.