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Two procedures are available to enhance the buttocks, depending on the nature and severity of the deformity.  Fat injection graphing into the subcutaneous buttock layer can provide a modest increase in buttock prominence.  This is a safe procedure.  However, large-volume fat injections deep into the buttocks—the so-called Brazilian Butt Lift—must be avoided for patient safety reasons.  Large veins exist under the buttock muscles and can easily be punctured.  Fat will then be transported directly to the heart and can be fatal.  A patient’s life must not be jeopardized for a cosmetic procedure.

The second procedure is for sagging/drooping buttocks.  This requires a buttock lift procedure.  There will be a double-arch incision above the buttocks with the center portion extending towards the inter-buttock crease.  Undermining of the lateral buttocks and thighs is performed with a special instrument designed to stretch the retaining subcutaneous ligaments and vessels  (discontinuous undermining).  This is done sufficiently to allow for the upward advancement of the loose buttock/thigh tissue; followed by excision of the excess and fixation.

If you have a problem with the appearance of your buttocks, be sure to call the office for an appointment and come in for a consultation.

(Before and after photos coming soon.)