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The hanging upper lip deformity (or the excessive length of the upper lip) can be bothersome to patients because of its abnormal appearance. A lip that is too long interferes with a person’s smile and covers the upper teeth making their smile less-than-attractive. Surgery to correct the excessively long upper lip, or hanging-lip deformity, is very successful in correcting this deformity and the scars are all well hidden in natural skin folds. The operation is designed to hide the incisions where they are not readily visible. Care is also taken to avoid damage to the muscles around the lips, so as to prevent any smile deformity following surgery.

Our goal is to achieve a result closer to ideal facial proportions, which thereby enhanced facial beauty. Patients who recognize this disproportional aspect of their face are invariably gratified when it is corrected. There are no non-invasive methodologies which can correct this problem. Surgical correction is the answer.

If you are afflicted with excessive upper lip length be sure to call Fairbanks Plastic Surgery at (801) 268-8838 to make an appointment for a consultation/evaluation.