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About this procedure

Full and shapely lips can provide a look of health and youthfulness. Extremely thin lips, especially ones with lip lines or wrinkling, may cause a person to appear stern, severe, or even old.

The lack of lip fullness is usually an inherited trait. However, trauma, tumors, and congenital defects can also cause localized lip deficiencies. Age can also play a role in lip atrophy, lip lines, and wrinkles.

There are a number of soft tissue augmentation procedures designed to provide people with the plumper lip they want. The best and most lasting results are achieved by using the patient’s own tissues.

In the past, local flaps from the inside of the lips were advanced to give the lips a fuller appearance. More recently, a wide variety of products have been promoted, including cadaveric, or non-living tissue, synthetic implants, and injectable fillers. These various lip plumpers vary in longevity.

Injectable fillers are convenient; however, they are not permanent, and may be more expensive over a long period of time. Though less convenient, surgically harvested tissue from the patient themselves will provide a better, and longer-lasting result.

The lips are largely composed of voluntary muscle. The grafting of a patient’s own fat or muscle within various tissue planes of the lips has proven to be quite successful. This allows for not only an aesthetically pleasing result, but also a functional one, and the fact that it is living tissue provides for a lasting result.

At Fairbanks Plastic Surgery Center, our top goal is to create a pleasing, natural look for our patients. We don’t want our patients looking like they’ve had surgery, and take every measure to ensure that our results exceed our patient’s expectations.

What every patient needs to know about fillers

Fillers help plump up tissue to sculpt facial contours. Many fillers are on the market, and the duration of their effects may vary. Commercial fillers are nonliving materials the body must tolerate as foreign objects, and patients should not use some filler materials under any circumstances.

Although commercial fillers are convenient, they cannot compare with the patient’s living body tissue. The ideal filler material is a patient’s fat. Surgeons can harvest and prepare living adipose tissue to achieve a superior result than any commercial filler can offer. We have also not seen the complications that commercial fillers can cause with fat injection grafting.

Don’t be swayed by marketing. The companies producing commercial fillers advertise them heavily because they are anxious to profit financially. Since autogenous fat is naturally available, companies don’t market it despite its superiority. Although there is a degree of fat reabsorption, the volume that lives is permanent and offers natural, beautiful, and lasting results.

At Fairbanks Plastic Surgery, we do fat injection grafting as opposed to using overrated commercial fillers.


Lip Enhancement Before & After

Lip Augmentation before and after

Lip Augmentation Before and After


Soft Tissue Enhancement

Lip Augmentation before and after

Plumper Lip Procedure

Lip Augmentation before and after

Lip Enlargement

Lip Augmentation before and after

*All before and after photos are real patients of Fairbanks Plastic Surgery. Identifiable images are used with patient permission.